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Super Typhoon 15W

Typhoon 12A


TYPHOONmarine blowers / exhausters

The Typhoon 12 and Super Typhoon 15 Marine Blowers are designed for onboard marine application. With our standard Butterworth cast aluminum mounting housing, these rugged, reliable and efficient marine blowers are designed to operate on compressed air (12A and Super 15A), water (12W and Super 15W), or hydraulic oil (12H and Super 15H). The high volume capacities of these blowers make it easy to handle gas freeing, ventilating, drying, or de-icing applications aboard ship. They are compact, lightweight and easy to handle.


  • Lifetime lubricated stainless steel sealed ball bearings
  • Spark resistant fan blade with OSHA safety screen         
  • Rugged cast aluminum spark resistant motor mount
  • Two carry handles
  • Heavy duty all bronze casting construction
  • Mechanical seal
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Two bronze cam lock fittings are supplied with water-driven units
  • Low cost


Technical Data (Water Driven Models):

Super Typhoon 15W Typhoon 12W
Rated Air Flow @ 0" Static Pressure 5000 cfm (8495 m3/hr) 4700 cfm (7895 m3/hr)
Rated Speed @ Free Air 5330 rpm 5330 rpm
Max Speed 5500 rpm 6100 rpm
Rated Motor Power Consumption 3.3 hp (2.5 kW) 3.3 hp (2.5 kW)
Max Inlet Water Pressure 150 psig (10.5 kg/cm2) 150 psig (10.5 kg/cm2)
Max Exhaust Water Pressure 100 psig (7.0 kg/cm2) 100 psig (7.0 kg/cm2)
Max Differential Water Pressure 150 psig (10.5 kg/cm2) 50 psig (3.5 kg/cm2)
Rated Water Consumption 87 g/min (19.8 m3/hr) 63 g/min (14.3 m3/hr)


Dimensions and Weights:

Side view:

Bottom view:


  Typhoon 12 Super Typhoon 15
A 12.25" 15.25"
B 24" 29.875"
C 18.25" 18.75"
D 5.75" 6.25"
E (Bolt Circle) 15.3" 20.5"
F 16.8" 21.5"
G 1" 2"
Inlet/Discharge 2" 2"
Weight 65 lb (30 kg) 85 lb (39 kg)

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