Prime Air Blowers, Inc. is now a Texas Pneumatic Tools, Inc. Company

World-wide Ventilation Specialists

Prime-Air is a leading manufacturer of portable industrial ventilation equipment.


TYPHOONmarine blowers / exhausters


Portable air-, water-, or hydraulic-driven units designed for onboard marine applications.


HURRICANEventuri blowers / exhausters

Lightweight and highly portable, and using compressed air or steam, Hurricane air blowers provide high volumes of air with NO MOVING PARTS.


TORNADOelectric blowers / exhausters

High static pressure capability makes these electric blowers ideal for exhaust applications when fitted with optional inlet duct adapters.



PRIME-AIRpneumatic blowers / exhausters

Pneumatically-driven, high output blowers designed to fit standard API tank openings.


MANCOOLERpersonnel cooling

Heavy-duty mancoolers are designed for cooling machines and personnel when working in high temperature environments.


ZEPHYRsteam-air driven blowers / exhausters

High static pressure blowers that can be driven by compressed air or steam.

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